In conjunction with PSU’s Graduate School of Education, we are proud to offer Educating Refugee & دانش آموزان مهاجر (اریس) as a 3-credit Graduate یا Continuing Education course.

ERIS will be held as a 10 هفته, online course utilizing our online content as well as additional community-based learning projects and enhanced course interaction. The course will run from June 26th- September 3rd.

The graduate credit course will cost $225, course cost for continuing education credit will be $105. Grad Credits will be in the Curriculum & آموزش و یا رهبری آموزشی & بخش سیاست. هزینه های اضافی عبارتند از $35 هزینه PSU ID (for those who’ve never been enrolled at Portland State.)

ارسال یک فرم ثبت نام اولیه به RCO no later than June 17.

توسط ایمیل: 1320 SE 122 خیابان. Portland, OR 97213

or email:

لطفا دیدن Portland State University Graduate School of Education: در ادامه وب سایت آموزش و پرورش برای اطلاعات بیشتر. Or contact or with questions.

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