About the USAHello classroom

Welcome to the USAHello classroom! USAHello निःशुल्क अनलाइन कक्षाहरू तपाईं सिक्न र संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका सफल मदत गर्न प्रदान गर्दछ. You do not have to pay because USAHello.org is a non-profit organization.

This page will answer your questions about how to use this classroom.

How do the classes work?

Our classes are online, and you can take them at any time, कहीं. तपाईं एक स्कूल जाने छैन. बरु, घरमा वा तपाईँको फोन मा तपाईं सिक्न सक्छौं. You can stop and start whenever you like. You do not need to pay, and you do not need any books.

How do I join a class?

Go to the list of classes. Click the button by the class or practice test you choose. Then register with your email address and create a password.

How do I start my class?

Go to the home page for your class. You can go to the GED® home page or to the citizenship home page. Or you can choose a practice test. The home page will tell you more about your course. पाठ्यक्रम प्रयोग गर्न सजिलो छ. When you are ready, click on the course to take a look or start studying.

How do the lessons work?

Each lesson will follow on from the one before. The lessons have a quiz at the end so that you can test your understanding. तपाईं जस्तै धेरै पल्ट पाठ पढ्न र रूपमा क्विजहरू लाग्न सक्छ.

Can I study in my language?

हो. Our classes are translated into many languages. You can study in your native language and in English. It will help you learn more easily and improve your English at the same time.

At the top of any page, click onChoose your language.Then choose your language from the menu. Once you are in the lessons, you can also study in your language and English, संग संगै. Use the circle at the bottom of the page to choose the side-by-side view.

How long does it take to finish the classes?

यी पाठ्यक्रम काम मान्छे को लागि गरियो, आमाबाबुले, र व्यस्त जीवन अरूलाई. How long they take depends on your own situation, शिक्षा, र भाषा कौशल. जो तपाईंको क्षमता, तपाईंले चाँडै वा बिस्तारै तपाईँले चयन रूपमा जान सक्नुहुन्छ. केही विद्यार्थीहरू धेरै द्रुत कक्षाहरू पूरा, एक दिन मा धेरै पाठ खत्म. अन्य विद्यार्थीहरूको समय लाग्न र धेरै महिना भन्दा बढी सिक्न.

को कक्षाहरू मलाई कुनै पनि प्रमाणीकरण दिनेछु?

The classes do not give you a certificate. The lessons cover information you need to know to pass your citizenship or GED®, TASC or HiSET tests. They prepare you to pass tests that will give you नागरिकता or a high school diploma. तपाईं परीक्षण अनलाइन लिन सक्दैन. To get your US citizenship, you will go to your naturalization interview. To get your high school diploma, you will go to a testing center.

What if I have more questions?

तिमी सक्छौ contact us if you have more questions or if you have problems using the classroom. हामी यहाँ तपाईं सफल मद्दत गर्न तयार छौं!