GED® Practice Test

Take a GED® practice test based on the topics on the GED® test.

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  • This GED® practice test will help you decide if you are ready to sign up for the GED® test in all four subjects.

    You can earn your GED® credential!

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This GED® practice test showed me I was ready to take the GED® exams. Now I earned my GED® and started college.

— Fatima A college student who earned her GED® credential

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GED® practice tests are based on the GED® exams.

Available in Social Studies, Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, and Math.

GED Practice Test

GED® Practice Test

Take these practice tests to see if you are ready for the GED® tests. If you need more help, you can sign up for our free online GED® preparation classes.

Begin preparing for your GED® test with this free practice test.

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Lessons in this class

Lesson Title
Lesson 1
GED® Social Studies practice test
Lesson 2
GED® practice test Math
Lesson 3
GED® Science practice test
Lesson 4
GED® Language Arts practice test
Lesson 5
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